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Our agency based services offer long term activity and training within METS facilities. It features group-based work and personal development activities as well as individualized training all under the supervision of METS staff.


  • Individual and Group based activity
  • Behaviour support
  • Skill training
  • Personal Care
  • Facilitated Community Access
  • Individual Service Planning


 provides a structured, productive environment using real work activity as the primary training tool. The work activity provided is intended to be labor intensive and, in many cases, is completed by teams of people working together.

  • BC Innovations
  • Moncton Pallet
  • The Right Choice Catering

PDS 1PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES provides a structured, active daily schedule using activity as the primary vehicle to address the developmental needs of those served in this division. In addition to the need for activity and training, many clients of this service need higher levels of behavioural support and personal care including; hygiene, meal and toileting assistance. Persons within these groups are offered a full day of activity not featuring work. Group based activity is offered in the following categories: academic/education, leisure, recreation, self help, social, life management, communication, health and physical activities.

EMPLOYMENT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT is an outcome based program designed to teach skills and behaviours that will assist in overcoming barriers to employment through classroom based training, work activity tasks and community based work exposure.  The program is a systematic, positive learning environment available to individuals currently receiving services in METS agency based work activity groups.

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS  is designed to achieve social integration in the community. Support is provided on a 1-1 basis with the intent being for the person to develop independent relationships and connections in their community.

COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY (CEA) This division of METS provides employment services for persons with intellectual disabilities, as well as persons with brain injury.

SERVICES PROVIDED:Employed at Casino NB as Kitchen Helper (2)

  • Employment Counselling,
  • Job Search,
  • Job Match,
  • On-Site Support,
  • Employment Maintenance/Monitoring,

If you would like more information on our service, or you wish to obtain an application, please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.


Service Managers


Pam Grover – Personal Development Services


Patsy MacFarlane – Work Activity Services


Barb Michaud – Personal Development Services/Work Activity Services


Debbie Vaughan – Community Employment Agency